Friday, October 22, 2010

My Favorite Reality TV Show Is The Biggest Loser

Guest written by our friend Jan Petersen

Reality TV has come a long way from where it first began. My favorite Reality TV show is The Biggest Loser. This show offers it's contestants a way to lose weight. These people are pretty big and seeing the way that they are able to transform is amazing.

It's nice to be able to watch The Biggest Loser on my direct tv packages family; this allows me to record it and fast forward through the commercials. The show has inspired me to begin a workout program and to eat healthier. My favorite trainer is Jillian, she is really tough on the competitors, but they work extremely hard for her.

For the most part the contestants seem to get along and root for each other. I prefer that to when they fight and back stab. This show is there to support them in living a healthier lifestyle. The challenges are fun, although I'm glad to be watching them as opposed to participating myself. The challenges look really hard. The food challenges that are provided would definitely temp me.

The show gives them advice on how to dress; I have taken some of these tips to use for myself. It's nice that at the end of each show, they let you see how the person who had to leave is doing. They look so nice with their weight loss.

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