Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Great American Pastime

Post contributed by Heath Key

If you have never been to a baseball game, you have to go. Oh, and by baseball game, I mean Major League. Of course everyone loves Little League games, but there is nothing like going to the home team's stadium on a bright summer day to watch a game. It's one of those rare days where it is okay to eat bad food and hang out in the hot sun without worrying about everything else.

Anyone used to the fast pace of pro football might have to wind it back a bit to enjoy a baseball game. At a major league baseball game, it actually gets quiet enough to say something to those sitting next to us with a hope of being heard. Plus, there is nothing like a chili cheese dog from a vendor wandering around in the stands. “Hot dogs! Peanuts!” Oh, I can just taste that combo right now, and it has my mouth watering. My boy just has to have nachos and cheese with extra jalapenos. Hey, what can I say? He's my boy!

It's amazing how the crack of the bat against the ball can be heard even up in the cheap seats. I'd almost swear that they mic the bat for a special effect! Heartburn is a certainty in the evening on a game day, but it's worth it. When it just doesn't work out for us to get to the game in person, my son and I stay home and watch professional baseball all day on satellite TV from Mom makes the nachos and chili cheese dogs then, while dad and the boy get crumbs on the couch.

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