Monday, October 25, 2010

We Carved It

We had so much fun with the kids yesterday. We carved 3 pumpkins and it was really fun and messy. The hardest part is the cleaning inside the pumpkin we have to scoop everything out inside. My son was the one who did not surrender with the job. My daughter left us after awhile she doesn't like to get her hands dirty lol. She was excited at first but when she saw all the work she went to her room and watch TV.

My son help all the way to the end. On Wednesday will be carving pumpkin again at school for my son's class. He can't wait for us to do that. I got a bunch of pumpkin seeds now I dry them all then later I am going to roast it. It's my first time to roast a pumpkin seeds I don't know if it's going to turn out okay. We have to see I guess. Have a happy Monday everyone! I will be posting some photos later.

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