Saturday, October 2, 2010

Investing Gold

My friend and I was talking about jewelry today. She like white gold and silver jewelry while I like the yellow gold. She was laughing because I told her that I don't like wearing them all the time because I don't want to break it or something. For me is more like on collecting them lol. Anyway some people invest in gold coins and Gold Bullion and that is really good investment because gold is always high in the market. If I have a money now I would love to invest in Bullion.

Couple years ago my neighbor invited me to come over for a gold buying party. You bring your broken gold jewelry and they will buy it from you. Good thing I come over because I sold my broken jewelry for hundred dollars. Good thing I did not throw it away. Anyway if you are looking to invest in Gold IRA visit If you have any questions you can live chat with the expert before you Buy Gold.

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