Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Entertainment in the city

Guest post written by Jeremy Thore

There are so many things to do in New York City, but a lot of those things require money. So when I moved here a couple of weeks ago I knew that I should set up lots of entertaining possibilities in my apartment because I don't have that money.

After I set up my WiMax wireless internet I looked up how to set up a surround sound system online with some tips. The guy who lived there before me had left a big entertainment center, which was the perfect place to set up all of my stuff, even though it took up a big part of my apartment. But after all, I don't have that much other stuff besides the stuff that fit on there, and entertainment is so important, right?

After I set up my surround sound I invited some of my friends over to watch one of those one dollar movies from a Blockbuster vending machine. My studio apartment is no movie theater, but I think I have a pretty sweet set up.

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