Monday, September 27, 2010

My Boy And The School

My son was already asking me this morning if today is early release day. I said my boy the week is just starting so,do not think about early release yet. also there is no early release this week. Then he asked me if he can come home early lol. So I have to talked to him on how important it is to have Education. After I talked to him he was completely fine but he asked me if I can come for lunch.

I was just browsing around at The Chronicle and read about the state election. They have great news on their website. Anyway I was thinking about going back to school so I checkout Walden University. I want to see what kind of courses they are offering for online schooling. Now I need to saved up some money so I can do what I want to do in the future like going back to school.

Right now I am looking for a part time job. Hopefully somebody is hiring out there. I tried applying online and I hope that I will receive a call soon. For now I am going to keep on searching.

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