Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Going To A Field Trip

My daughter is going to have a field trip today to go to Imax theater. I will be coming with her that is why I am up early. The kids are still sleeping so, I have time to blog a little here before getting dress. I also need to watch my Filipino channel I missed a lot of shows. I also want to check out pinoy 24 tv to see what is the latest news.

My friend and I like to watch the show together but we're been both very busy lately. She is looking for a for HUD apartments for rent for her daughter. So, that way her daughter can afford to pay the rent on her own. Anyway Do you want to know what is selling structured settlement? If you do just click the link. I need to get the kids ready so we can go to school early today.

Tomorrow I will be helping my son's teacher again. I have to take care of the class while she's giving a test. Yesterday I helped her until lunch time. The she asked me if I can come back on Wednesday. I don't want to say no the a very nice teacher that needs my help.

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