Friday, September 10, 2010

Security Alarm

Working on my blogs right now and I am trying to decide if I have to try the Key logger. I have to ask hubby about it and see if he wanted too. I am so happy that today is Friday the kids are so excited for the weekend too. I just got back form dropping them off to school. When I got back at home I realize that I forgot to turn on the security alarm in the house. I hate when I do that.

Since we have the security alarm in the house, I can sleep well at night without worrying about the kids are alone in their room. I feel a lot safer with the security alarm is on. There are so many bad people out there and you want your family to be safe all the time.

I was browsing around at and now I want to buy that gps tracking device for my kids. It is so much better when you know that your kids are safe all the time. Also I am interested on buying a surveillance Camera for the front yard. I want to know who is that crazy person who throw eggs in our mailbox.

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