Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kids Are Done With Homework

Kids are done with their homework now I can continue on my work here. But before that I have to think what to make for dinner. I think I have enough time to do this one then I have to get up and make dinner. I am a little hungry since I did not eat a real food today. I just snacks on some crackers and ate some fruits.

Now my tummy is complaining on me. The fastest dinner to make that I can think right now is spaghetti. I have to ask everybody if they want spaghetti for dinner. If they don't like spaghetti I have to continue on thinking hehehe. Now I remember I have some corn in fridge that I need to cook. Everybody love corn so on the corn part I'm sure I will make it tonight I don't want the corn to go bad.

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