Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Night Lights Is Excellent Drama

Written by Fermin Washington

This year, I was excited to see that "Friday Night Lights," one of my favorite television shows, was finally recognized with some major Emmy nominations. Although the series didn't win, it bodes well for the possibility that the show may be properly recognized after its final year.

"Friday Night Lights," which I watch on satellite TV like nfl sunday ticket, is a series that deals with the hopes and heartaches of the residents of the small town of Dillon, Texas. In Dillon, football is king. The whole town shuts down for the big game on Friday night, and disc jockeys seem to talk of little else.

At the heart of the drama is Eric Taylor, a coach who spends a great deal of time mentoring students both on the field and off. Impressively played by Kyle Chandler, he is a doting husband to Tami, played by the formidable Connie Britton, who serves as a school counselor.

Each season, different teenage characters are highlighted. One of the most lovable is Matt Saracen, who unexpectedly finds himself quarterback in the first season, when he must balance the new challenges that come with that role with the responsibilities that he has as caretaker of his grandmother. Another great character is Tim Riggins, a brooding character who tries to become a better person.

Full of complex characters, "Friday Night Lights" is truly exceptional.

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