Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Learning To Putt With The Best Of Them

Authored by Greg Fletcher

Putting isn't the strong point of my golf game. As a newly born golf lover, I'm still struggling to master the finer aspects of the game. Right now I'm struggling with pretty much everything. Putting is an especially challenging thing for me. I just can't master the slopes of the greens or the finer points of putting.

One thing that I don't struggle to do is to enjoy great golf onsatellite tv. It's like I'm allowed to study all of my mistakes and then watch the masters and how they manage to avoid not to make those same mistakes. It helps me when I go out to practice my putting for me to remember back to the golf I've watched and to try to mimic the techniques that actually work for golfers.

I'm never going to be on the PGA circuit. I'll probably never even win a local tournament. Despite this, I'm having the time of my life enjoying sunny days outside playing golf. While my home is secured with Home Security devices I'm not ready for any kind of competition yet, not even against some buddy of mine that might go easy on me, but I'm having a great time attempting to improve my game and learn more about the sport that I've watched for so many years but never truly tried to play on my own. So far so good as of now.

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