Thursday, September 2, 2010

Watching films with the girlfriends

Written by Fermin Washington

My girlfriends and I spare boyfriends and husbands the painful task of going to see romantic comedies by having a cocktail and going together. Yes we readily admit it. Over the years, there have been times where we don't go as much and times when we can get together more often. We've seen the Sex and the Cities, the Notebook, He's Just Not That Into You, the break-up ones, the rebound ones, the family ones, the impossible battle-axe ones, you name it. My city has great choices for movie theaters so it's always something we can do for fun.

Some nights my friend will come over, and we'll listen to music and have dinner or maybe go on a run. Then get dressed and head out, setting the Adt alerthome alarm system first of course so we don't have to worry on a girl's night. We'll meet up with the rest of the group at the theater, engage in the drama and watch the guy do something noble to get a woman, and then commiserate later over whether it was good or not.

It's a blast! Highly recommended, and we don't owe boyfriends a kung-fu or muscle movie afterward (unless one of us is so inclined).

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