Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cleaning The Bathrooms

Today was my cleaning day at home but I did not got them all done. So, tomorrow is another day of cleaning. I am really getting so frustrated about our shower heads because it keeps on getting loose. This time I want to find a shower head that last longer. It is a waste of money on keeps on buying a new one at the store and after 3-4 months is already broken.

I would like to visit and check out their Fire Hydrant Spa shower head. We also need to change the kids shower head on their bathroom. Anyway tomorrow is Friday already and I am excited for the weekend fun. The kids want to watch movies on Sunday.

My eyes are so tired now I need my beauty rest soon. Before I go to bed I have some left over foods to put away. Is anybody else saw the planet Jupiter tonight? We had fun watching it earlier it looks so close to the moon. I tried to take a picture but it come out so little I need the professional camera lol. Have a good night everyone.

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