Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Costumes

The kids are excited for Halloween costumes. They already want me to buy them their costumes yesterday. I told them to wait because Halloween still a little far away. Maybe in the middle next month I'll buy their costumes. Right now I need to find a place that is doing a sale. I can't believe how time fly now it's already fall. But the weather in Florida is still summer I can't wait to cool down a little.

My daughter still can't decide what costume she is going to wear for Halloween. My son want to be super Mario lol. He is crazy about Mario so he want to be super Mario this year. Also he asked his daddy if daddy can wear Luigi hehehe.

I have so much ironing to do today and the washing machine still washing. It will be a all day event for me. I won't be able to go and meet my boy for lunch. It's okay I will be at school all day tomorrow.

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