Monday, September 27, 2010

New Sink

Hubby and I was looking around in the store yesterday for a new sink. Now we know what kind of sink we are going to buy. I want a deeper sink so it's easy for me to clean the pots and pan. We are going to buy the stainless steel kitchen sink and it is a lot deeper compare to the one we have here at home right now. Hubby will get the new sink next month. I also want to have one on those butcher block countertop.

We want to buy new stuff for the house and one thing that I want to replace is the flooring in the kitchen. Later on if we have money I also want to put the glass window for the Florida room. Right now we just got it screened, but it is ready for glass windows. Soon the weather will start to cool down that means we ca spend more time in the screen room and the gazebo in the backyard. I want to buy adirondack chair I am just waiting for hubby's go signal lol.

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