Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Niece

Just received the news today that my sister in-law just had a baby. So now I have a new niece and her name is Beatrice. I can't wait to see the baby's pictures. I'm back of being alone at home again. Hubby is at work and the kids at school. Now I need to go back into my workout. Today I have to do extreme workouts since I miss my workout for two days. But I have to do it later in the afternoon because my morning is pretty much occupied with something else.

I want to try the turbo jam workouts and see if I can handle it. I been trying to do a different workouts because I am getting bored on my treadmill. I tried Zumba and also jogging in the neighborhood. Will it seems like it works for me for now. Hopefully I can lose more weight in the coming month. It is so hard but I have to do it.

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