Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back To School

Soon is back to school again and the kids are not ready yet lol. They want 2months more of vacation hehehe. But they are so excited to go shopping for their school supply. Our daughter got her backpack already. So tomorrow I am going to look for our son's backpack. My friends son will be going to high school this school year and he is excited to see the School Lockers. He is so funny about wanting to see the Lockers at school first.

Anyway I hope he like his Locker. My kids can't wait to find out who is their teacher for this school year. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that both of them will have a a wonderful and nice teachers. Last school year my kids had awesome teachers. I did request I teacher for them and I am hoping that my request will be granted. We will find out before the school start.

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