Monday, July 19, 2010

Soaking My Feet

I am having a foot spa right now while blogging lol. MY kids want to join me in soaking my feet in a nice warm water with citrus spice on it. It feels really good. Hubby and I decided to take another many vacation before the kids goes back to school. We haven't decide where we going yet but we are looking for a nice place near us. I am looking online at

We are also considering looking on the prices at Myrtle Beach hotel. Maybe we can try a few round of golf and other stuff while in there. Kids would love to have a time away from home one more time before the school is back. They get a little bored when we got nothing else to do around the house but watch TV.

Hubby and I also heard about all the nice resorts in Myrtle Beach and we are so excited to check them out. It's also our 12years wedding anniversary. This is going to be a very interesting trip for all of us. I need to get my feet out in the water now I think I have enough lol. My daughter is waiting for me to do he nail she want to have a pink nail polish on it.

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