Monday, July 12, 2010

My Garden

I can't believe how much bugs there is in my vegetable garden. They keep on eating the plants some of them are already dead. I used a bug spray and it seems like it's not working. Now I am thinking about indoor planter after all the frustration of dealing with the bugs in outdoor planters. I need to try to put a few indoor planters and see if that will work for me. The heat is also killing my plants out there. Even it rains every afternoon the ground still dry after.

I just check a couple of my outddor planter and everything that I have in it is dying. Now I have to redo all my plants and start a new over again. There is a couple of plants that I want to save and put in an indoor planters my Filipino vegetable. I will keep it in the screen room to keep it away from the bugs.

My rosemarie herbs is bushing out in there. I have so much in one plant. You can buy rosemarie at store, but it is kind a expensive for a few short branches. So if you guys want some just came and visit and take as much as you want:-)

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