Saturday, July 24, 2010

Got More Sun

We had more sun today and the sunburn is burning. So hot out there today, but the kids had fun playing and eating. We just finished our dinner and we had fried shrimp and fish tonight. And now here I am in my laptop trying to relax before going to bed. The kids are full and happy they are watching TV on their bedroom. Hubby is watching America's most wanted and I am here blogging lol. I am a little tired and I had too much sun so thirsty right now I have been drinking a lot of water today. I want to browse around for a web hosting, but I am so tired already so I’ll just visit hub hosting tomorrow. I hope all you guys had a fun Saturday today. My family and I are almost ready for bed. I am so tired but my brain is still wide awake. But I have to try to close my eyes and fall asleep I need some sleep I got up to early this morning. I got up early to make some food for our lunch. It was a good idea to bring lots of foods because the kids are always hungry

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