Monday, July 19, 2010

Cleaning and More

We have so much stuff to do around the house. I want to repaint the exterior of our house and we need a new House numbers. I was thinking about buying a address plaques and numbers. But we have to see, that just a plan. I also need to order wall address plaques for my parents house in the Philippines. My sister told me it is easy for the mail man to find the peoples houses if everyone have address plaque. Anyway I'm not sure if we can do everything in my plan in one time, we have to work it out a little at a time.

Plus hubby is working right now he doesn't have much time to work in the house. I am also hoping to find a part time job once the kids are in school. I guess we have to work it out whenever we have free time. Right now I just want to enjoy the summer vacation of the kids.

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