Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Battery Was Dead

I went to my car this morning and when I try to open my car with my remote it won't open. Then I realized that my driver's side door was not completely close. There for the light inside was on all night, so my battery was dead. Hubby jump start the battery when he got home. He also brought my car for oil change and tune up. Now I am happy that my car is up and running again.

I talked to my friend today and her husband got her a Acura Integra. She was so happy with her new car. Anyway if you live in Texas and looking for a car repair place visit Houston auto repair today. I'm just glad that my car is okay now because I have to visit my friend tomorrow. She's going to give birth tomorrow morning and I am planning to go and visit her in the afternoon.

I need to get the kids to the table now the dinner is ready. The food smells so good barbecue is for dinner tonight. Filipino barbecue that is yummy! Kids and hubby love it and I am happy.

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