Monday, July 26, 2010

Lazy But Busy Day!

I am a little lazy today I did not hop in the treadmill yet. I do the laundry first and then later the treadmill. I am working hard on my diet and it seems so hard to follow sometimes. I am wondering if I try some of those Protein Snacks. Earlier I had oatmeal crackers and nectarine. Now I am thinking what to eat for lunch.

Maybe I am going to make myself a salad for lunch. The kids are not hungry yet they had a late breakfast. Maybe I can make them some instant noodles they like those. Anyway I have so much stuff that I want to do right now. But I am just trying to work on it one at a time. I just want to finish some stuff today so I don’t have to worry about it tomorrow. Kids are going back to school soon and I have to spend more time with them. But of course the house will be a lot quieter when both of them go back to school. Then I am back to that moment again that I will miss them both all day lol. I just hope that my son will not cry anymore on the first day of school.

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