Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekend Get Away

My kids want to go camping on the weekend at the campsite near us. Hubby said we have to see, so the kids have to wait for daddy's decision tomorrow. If he decide that we go camping I want to go to the store and buy another tarp. We had a blue tarps before but we sold it on a yard sale. Now we have to buy a new one. After we go camping in the keys over 5years ago we never thought that we are going camping again lol.

I guess now we have to keep everything because the kids love to go camping. I am thinking on buying a clear tarp. I don't know if hubby would agree with me lol. Anyway today was a very hot day. If we go camping this weekend we might have to buy a portable air conditioning. Very hot out there today, but then it rain this afternoon and it cools down a little which is good. Tomorrow will be a lot hotter, so the kids and I have to stay home again.

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