Monday, July 12, 2010

It Was A Very Hot Weekend

We had a very hot weekend the temperature was 100+. I can't stand the heat that's why we stayed in the pool a lot. The kids love the pool so it's like heaven to them. Anyway We are trying to find a new mailbox but until now we can't decide which one we want. I saw a victorian mailboxes online they are very nice and unique mailboxes. But hubby is not into it so I have to keep on looking.

Some crazy people hit our mailbox and now either we have to buy a mailbox parts or buy a new one. I did went to a couple of stores and I can't even find a flags for mailboxes. So I know for sure we have to look for a new mailbox. Anyway It looks like it is going to rain I just hear a thunder. Gotta continue to look for mailboxes etc.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

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