Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taking a Day Trip

Contributed by Johnny Graves

Nostalgia is a great thing to remember the good days when your dad and mom would pack up the car and shove off for a day of fun and adventure. My parents were no different from any other parents. We had the new car, color television, a clean but modest home, and a middle-class lifestyle. Certainly we were not rich but we always had a home and food on the table. My father worked very hard to provide for us and when the weekends came, he played just as hard as he worked.

Our day trips were always on a Saturday and we would take off early in the morning. Of course my mother saw to it that we packed more than we needed and my dad would check the windows and doors then set the security alarms system before leaving the house.

This particular Saturday our adventure destination was San Diego and Sea World. There is to this day, not an aquatic park in the country that can compare with Sea World. They have so many different exhibits and shows that it was nearly impossible to see everything in one day. One of my truly enjoyable experiences growing up in Southern California was going to Sea World with my parents. My favorite show was the killer whale show and still is.

I live in Colorado now, and find it hard to get back to where I grew up, but wish one day to return to Sea World and take my family.

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