Thursday, May 21, 2009

Swimming Time

We already went swimming on the pool last weekend the weather is hot and the water is just wonderful. The kids love it they don't want to get out in the water even its already late. Anyway hubby took this picture of us, he doesn't want to swim so he is our photographer lol.


Gorgeous MUM said...

that's fun!

Ebie said...

Hi Elda, musta man? Naa koy paryente taga CDO, naminyo ug mga Neri, iyang FIL, si Blas Neri ug ang iyang bana si Eddie. Ang iyang ngala, si Lita Almaida Neri.

HOMER said...

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nanay said...

HI! just passing by, so your from CDO, I am mom of lalaine.