Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This guest post from Werner Rogers

We got great clear deals and upgraded our internet package. I wanted to upgrade our package because we just got a wireless blu-ray player. If you don’t have one, you must look into getting one. They are awesome! I have ended up watching more television and getting more entertainment by using my internet connection than I do watching cable. Cable is way more expensive to. There are a lot of different internet streaming sites that are available now. The two that I use are Netflix and Amazon Prime. I have heard of people using Hulu Plus too. I haven’t looked into it, but it is suppose to have a ton of great television shows that you can stream. They have all the episodes of all the retro television shows. I like to watch old tv shows, so I may look into getting hulu, but I have been really pleased with the two that I have now. Netflix has a lot of good tv shows. My favorite that I am watching now is the “X-Files”.

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