Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dental Plans

I can’t believe how expensive to get your teeth fix here in the US. Were been having problems on my son’s teeth he got a lots of teeth that need to be fix and last week we see his pediatric dentist and she told us how much its going to cost us after the insurance, and it was still so expensive that we can’t afford to pay it off right away.

I been looking for some kind of dental plans because this dentist that we have for my son do not accept care credit. But anyway hubby is trying to change our dental insurance to a better plan. When he gets home from the store I have to tell him about I been reading on their website and it seems like this can really help us save some money. I know that not only us who is having this kind of problem about dental insurance, if you have time visit so you can save money on your next dental procedure. is very affordable and can really help people when they need it.



hi ur site is very informative and interesting.........can we xcg link
mine is
hipe u reply positively

hpapplication said...

hi... Im from Indonesia,,, here also very expensive to the dentist :D :D

Diane Scott said...

They do get us coming and going here in the U.S.! Best to you picking out a good dental plan!

WebbieStuffs said...

May I know how much there? I am interested in dental offers (not for me) but our budget is around 1,000 to 3,000 euros for a dentall overhaul. We plan to try and see what the Philippines offer as well..

Wanderer... said...

Yes, dental health is very is like a taken for granted aspect of health actually... i like beautiful teeth and i want to maintain mine this way.