Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fun Day

My Spanish friend invite us to attend the birthday party of her son. When I ask my kids if they want to come to the party of course the answer is a big yes, Ian tells me mommy lets go to the store and buy present. I said okay, when were driving to go to the store he keeps telling me that we need to buy a lots of toys for present hehehe! The birthday party was really fun for the kids the place is like Chuck E cheese. The kids really have fun playing, when the party was over my boy still want to stay there.

The funny part of the party is when the birthday boy have to blow his cake everybody was singing happy birthday and I see my son's finger start crawling towards the cake hehehe! I have to grab him and put him next to me before he start dipping his finger in the frosting. Then they light up the cake before the birthday boy blow his candle my son did it already for him hahahaa my silly boy blow the candle so we have to light it up again. I talk to him why he did it he said because its fun to blow a candle, i said its not your birthday party your not suppose to blow that candle he just look at me and keep smiling.

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