Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Clean Yard

I am so tired right now I clean and cut the grass in our yard today. The sun was so hot, but that never stop me from cleaning our front yard and backyard. I got done around 12 noon and it was a hard work indeed. But the result is great!Our yard look so clean and nice. I need to plant new vegetables soon because some of my vegetables we already harvested.

I am planning to plant more bokchoy and peppers. Right now the weather is really hot and I have to water my plant everyday. Anyhow my onions and squash are growing good. I have to get off here now I have a bad headache I guess I need to lay down and come back later for more blogging work.


texas_sweetie said...

waaaaaaa kuyawa oi kay mangunay man ug mow sa yard. swertiha kaha sa imong bana day sa? ako dri ug mag trabaho na ako bana sa yard kay ako rajud tan awn haha wa jud ko puangod pagka taw oi kay magtan aw lang sa bulohaton!

angel said...

Mao gyud day kay dili gyud ko kahulat sa akung banahot mo mow kay dili ko ganahan kung motaas ang sagbot mao nga pag wla ko lingaw ako na dayun mag mow sagbot.