Thursday, February 10, 2011

What A Day It Was

I had a very busy day today and I only had one apple for the whole day. But, I did ate a whole bowl of soup and one serving of chicken curry for dinner. After school I went to the store to make copy of the pictures that I took in my son's class today. I don't want to waste my ink at home so, I went to the store to get copies. It was so cold out there today the wind is really freezing.

After I got the pictures I went to another store to pick up some stuff. My son's class will have a Valentines day party. I went ahead and buy all the candies and cards today. I just love it when I go to the store and find a lot of clearance sale. I bought my son a shoes it was $20 before and I only pay $4.98. It was a good deal indeed. I just love going shopping on onsale stuff.

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