Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fishing at the Pier

One afternoon we go fishing in Jacksonville Beach fishing pier and all we catch was little tiny fish and Lady Fish. Hubby caught about 4 lady fish and big one too. But we put it back in the water because hubby said lady fish is not good to eat, too much bone on it. So we went back home with no fish on our cooler. Here's a picture of him with one of the lady fish he caught.


lira said...

hilig kaau mo fishing elds no? malingaw pud tawon ang mga bata ay...happy mother's day!

tasteful voyage
a mom's note

lira said...

tagged u here mommy eldz

Petite said...

Wow.. the fish is so big. By the way, I love to exchange links with you. Please check out my blog and tell me if you are interested. Just leave me a message. Thanks.

Petite ;0

texas_sweetie said...

wow that looks fresh and yummy day.ako nalnag na b? dugay naku wa kakaon fresh isda.

thanks sa comments sa ako pics..naa jud pud noon ko ubay ubay miga diri pero d pud lagi permi laag kay way driver.

Anonymous said...

elds, lamia ana nga isda. ako nalang na beh bahala daghan bukog. gi mingaw nako ug fishing dinhi.

Lily said...

Hi Angel thanks for the visit, appreciate it a lot.

Kalami na lang ninyo kay permi mo ka fishing dinha sa, nindot sab na nga hubby kay makalingaw laag laag sa dagat.

Happy thursday! tc always.