Sunday, May 4, 2008

So tired Again

I feel so tired lately I can't get enough sleep at night because of my sinus. I thought I was okay already but since the weather is not really good lately one day it so hot and then the next day you wake up and it's so cold out side. Will hopefully the weather this week will be better than the last few days. Today we went out and just driving around until we end up in Dairy Queen eating ice cream hehehe! The kids love it, but they only want the ice cream cone Mia got the chocolate flavor and Ian got the vanilla. I will share some picture when I'm done downloading it from my cell phone. Okay guys I need to go to bed now it's already 12am here in Florida better go night night.

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Lily said...

Hello Angel,
Thanks for passing by sa kanunay ako dinhe arang ka busy panginabuhi work sa ko for the meantime, ayo na lang. btw lami karon mga bugnaw kay naa naman adlaw.
Wishing you a beautifull Monday tc always.