Friday, May 30, 2008

Proud Mommy & Daddy

Yesterday when my daughter come home from school she show me what she receive on the award ceremony yesterday. And I told her I thought the ceremony was tomorrow she said no mommy it was today, I feel bad coz I wasn't there to attend and take photos of her receiving those awards. But anyway when her daddy got home from work MIA show him all the certificate she receive and the trophy, hubby was so happy and cry a little, it was tears of joy. I will take pictures on her stuff and I will post it here soon. Thank you all for the visit.

Hubby and our daughter when she was a little baby

My Daughter now.


genny said...

She is pretty and i like her eyes...and lips too.

aL|e said...

your daughter is really pretty!

Cathy said...

Dhay, gwapa kaayo imong liwat ba. Asa pa man diay magmana. Sorry dhay ha wala na kaayo ko nimo kabisita.