Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Cold Day In Florida

Today is another day of freezing temperatures here in Florida. The cold weather just started and I want it over already lol. I can't do much stuff when it's cold like this. I want to do some work out in my garden in the backyard but, it's too cold out there. The wind is freezing and I can't stand it. I got the kids to school today and I am so happy because this is the second week that my son did cry.

The kids was asking me today if I am staying to help the teacher I said no next week again. I have a lot to do at home today my laundry is waiting for me. I also need to iron 2 hamper of clothes. Well, before I start ironing I am going to hop in the treadmill first since I missed my exercise yesterday because I was at school. I need to get started here have a great day everyone.

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