Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Too Much

There are so many Free Foreclosures houses around us. I hope everything will come back to normal especially the economy. The question is when? I known so many people that are looking for a job and can't find any. Anyway I have a friend who is looking for a Real Estate Owned Foreclosures. I heard about this Free REO foreclosures I have to share this to my friend. It will help her search for free.

I still can't believe how much are the prices of the house right now. It's so cheap compare to the year when we bought our house. Anyhow we are trying to repaint the exterior of our house. Hubby and I already have the color that we like. Now I need to work on the papers for the home owners association to get the color approve. We are hoping to start painting by spring. I can't wait for the old color to be gone.

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