Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not Feeling So Good

I was in the bed most of the day yesterday. After hubby and our daughter got sick now it's my turn I guess. I had bad headache and sinus plus sore throat yesterday I couldn't even talked for a long time because it hurts. I finally took some medicine that make me feel better and also knock me out the whole night.

I wasn't able to update blog yesterday because of it. Good thing my friend is the one who pick up the kids from school because I feel so crappy yesterday. Both of my kids was so happy because my friend bought them happy meal. When they got home they still have some food and my son said his chicken nuggets was really good. I am glad that the two of them are okay and not sick. We need to get this family sick free zone lol. I hate being sick! I hope to feel better very soon.

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