Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back To My Routine

Finally after two weeks of slacking around I am back to my normal routine this week. I am back with my exercise. I am once again in the mood of doing my regular exercise everyday. I feel really good of myself again. I was feeling bad last week that I wasn't able to do my exercise but now I am back. Anyhow I am hoping that my friend will find the house that she is looking for her and her family.

Anyway my sister bought a land with the old house in it. Now she is wondering how much are the house removal costs. She wants the house to be removed so she can build a new one. I hope that she can find a company to do the job for her. I can’t wait to see the design of the house that she is building on that land.

My goodness I can’t believe how time flies. Halloween is done and now we are heading to Thanksgiving Day. After that Christmas day is just around the corner. The kids are excited for Christmas already and my son already wrote down his Christmas list. We are not buying little toys this year. Most of the time the kids just play with it in a few hours after that they don’t want it anymore.

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