Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner Date

Guest post by Felicia Pittman

A lot of people have family close by that they can spend their Thanksgiving day with. Unfortunately for me, I was never particularly close with my family. A lot of things happened that I don't like to talk about. This means the normal family get together most people experience never happens to me. Well, for the last two years I have been attending a local college in an attempt to educate myself and improve my work prospects. During this time I met a few friends and one of those friends in particular understand my situation.

Jessica has been there for me for a long time and she doesn't have the money to fly home on holidays since her family lives on the other side of the country. We got together and had a few drinks, ate a few turkey sandwiches, and in general had a good time goofing off for Thanksgiving instead of sitting around and being miserable. The same thing happened again the next year. We've already discussed it and it will happen this year as well.

Our friends constantly claim we're dating, but we're just great friends. Friends can snuggle up and watch satellite television from after eating turkey sandwiches, right? Well, we plan to do the same thing this year and they can all be jealous. Jessica makes the best sandwiches and I can bake one heck of a sweet potato pie.

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