Friday, November 12, 2010

Homeward Bound

Guest post written by James Henley

Recently, things have felt a little strange in my apartment these days. IÕm 26 years old and I am finally out on my own after a lifetime of school. I found a great job in NYC and made a nice home for myself, but sometimes you just miss your roots. I spend a lot of evenings looking forward to the holidays. I have a huge family back in South Carolina and I am really looking forward to seeing them. My folks and my family members are a little older these days, so the time we have together is really top priority to me.

I always enjoy sharing stories and catching up with my immediate and extended family. Being away has made me a little homesick, and it is going to be very special visit when I go back. I have already started picking presents out for my family, and I have also going to help my father purchase some new Miracle Ear Hearing Aids , as well. I have an overnight bus trip planned, and itÕs going to be great to see South Carolina again. Hopefully, before too long, IÕll start a family of my own.

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