Monday, November 29, 2010

DIY gift bows

Guest post written by Debbie Parsons

When we were growing up, my mom used to always make the best looking bows with all this scrap ribbon to put on top of our Christmas presents. I was always so jealous that she could do that because mine were so limp and ugly looking. She tried to show me how so many times how to make them, but I could never get them to look right.

I've just bought those premade bows that aren't very pretty up until now and I decided that this would be the year that I would learn how to make a proper bow. I found some instructions for how to make a bow with my Wireless Internet and bought a bunch of festive ribbon that I found on clearance at a craft store.

I've tried out making a few gift bows and although they aren't the best looking things, they look okay. I think it also helps though that they're made with really pretty looking ribbon. I guess this is the same as almost everything, practice makes perfect.

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