Friday, November 5, 2010

My Super Mario And I

Here is a picture of my and my son during Halloween. I couldn't get my daughter and hubby to join us this time. But, I got a family picture of us later on that day. I will be sharing it too on my next post. When hubby put on his Halloween costume he scares the kids that are trick or treating in our house. So, when he look out the door and little kids are there he has to take off his werewolf head mask.

One kid was so scared at first, when hubby saw her scared he took off the mask and the girl said you almost scared me you know. It was really fun watching the kids go to house to house trick or treating. My son gets so mad when he is the last one in the line lol. He said they might get all the chocolates before he gets there. So, he will push my daughter and her friend out of the way so he can go first lol.

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