Monday, November 29, 2010

Positive On Strep Throat

Just got back from my doctor's office and I am positive on strep throat. My throat looks really nasty inside and painful. It hurts really bad and I hate it this is my first time to have strep. My family had it before but not me. I guess I am now officially part of the strep throat club lol. The good thing now is that I have the medicine that I needed to get rid of this thing.

I hope to get better soon so I can get back on my normal routine. I really need to get back on my exercise. I been not exercising for over a week now and I am not happy about it. Although I did not gain any weight but, I want to lose more. So, once I am feeling okay again I need to get back to my exercise again.

I am still crossing my finger to lose more weight. For now I need to concentrate on getting better. I hate taking medicine but, this time I don't have any choice but to take it. I just hope that the medicine will start kicking in soon! Have a wonderful week ahead everyone...

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