Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baking newbie does Thanksgiving

Guest post written by Kelly Brown

I had been avoiding it for a few years, but I knew that eventually I would be expected to help cook a Thanksgiving meal. My in laws asked me to host the family meal and I reluctantly agreed. I mean, they've hosted it every other year that me and my husband have been together so I guess that it's only fair. It's just that I've exaggerated my cooking and baking abilities a little. I can't do either really well.

So of course I went online to try and find some recipes that even I could pull off successfully. When I was doing that and the panic was starting to really set in, I saw the website and read through it. After some consideration, I showed it to my husband and we agreed to change over our intenret service to it.

Right after that I found a cherry cobbler recipe that I think I can handle. I decided that I'm just going to buy a prebaked turkey, or else it would really be a huge disaster.

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