Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shopping For Bedding

I look for a new bedding today and I haven't found one that I like. So now I am browsing around at I like the selection of Donna Karan Home bedding I have to show it to hubby and see if he likes it too. In their bath accessories I like that hot pink rug. My daughter would love it if I get it for her. She love everything pink. Even her phone and eye glasses are pink lol. If we let her decide what kind of color we paint our house she want it all pink.

She want me to buy a pink bedding for her bed. So, now I am searching for a pink bedding for her. I will take some picture of it when I got it. Anyway tomorrow is back to school and work. I am hoping to feel a little better tomorrow so I can do my exercise. It's hard for me to exercise when the kids are at home. I missed at least four days of exercise. Tomorrow I need to get back in my routine.

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