Thursday, November 11, 2010


Contribution by Elmo Farmer

My son loves going to the library. I made sure to instill him with a love for books at a very young age. I teach high school, so I know all to well what a child can become when they have a disdain for reading. The branch of the public library near my house has lots of programs for children during the day. Every other Saturday, they have a story time with arts and crafts. So, I pack a bag with little odds and ends for the day. Then, I get the little one ready to go. Before I leave, I always turn on the inhomesecurity security alarm. Not that I have anything worth stealing, but I would rather not have to clean up a ransacked house. The ten minute drive to the library involves my darling son singing the theme song to the Wiggles. Motherhood really is a labor of love. When we finally arrive at the the library, I have to hold him tight, otherwise he will run off without me. As the two of us walk through those doors, and I see the wonder in his eyes as he gazes upon the endless aisles of books in amazement, instead of disgust, I can't help but feel accomplished.

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