Sunday, November 28, 2010

Personal gift wrap touches

Guest post written by Kelsey Woodward

Last year when Christmas rolled around, I promised myself that I was going to get a little more serious about gift wrapping and learn how to put together some great looking holiday gifts. Before I barely knew how to make a bow, so I used one Saturday to sit down and learn how to make some bows and take the time to wrap gifts neatly. This year I'm practically going to be an expert!

I've been using my clear internet to look up sustainable and green ways to wrap gifts and lots of people have come up with some really great ideas!

But I still have a lot of wrapping paper on hand because sometimes gifts just look better with wrapping paper. I also like to use tiny scraps of wrapping paper to wrap bigger things and layer pieces of paper in strips to act like ribbon or bows. Plus the really small scraps are great for making little personalized gift tags. ItÕs those little small things like that that can make a gift that much more special.

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