Monday, November 22, 2010

Family Get Together

Family get together is what I missed most. Back home we always have this kind of get together all the time. Over here in the States it's kind of lonely because sometimes you have to celebrate holidays without any Family coming over. Well, after of years living here I kind of use to the it. But, sometimes I still wish that we can celebrate the holidays with everybody you love. Living here that idea is very impossible.

Anyway speaking about family have you check out genealogy blogs? If you want to find out your heritage and ancestry visit their website. It is always nice to know everything about your family. I am glad I grew up knowing the roots of my family back home. I miss my family so much it's been years that I did not spend the holidays with them and I miss it so much. Well, maybe someday soon.

For now I am just enjoying the life here with my loving husband and two beautiful kids. It's getting late already gotta get up early tomorrow. I need to get in bed have a wonderful night everyone.

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