Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween, Halloween

Thanks to Lemuel Craft

I'm a little too old for Halloween. No one wants to admit it, of course, but it looks pretty funny if you're a full grown adult and you're wandering the streets all alone in a kitty costume, begging for candy. So what do you do if you really want to go trick or tricking this year? How do you enjoy a holiday that society expects you to have outgrown?

There's a simple solution.

Take some children trick or treating WITH you.

I do it every year - there's always a church who needs chaperones for trick or treating groups, always a friend or a relative who'd rather stay at home Halloween night. This is where I graciously step in and offer my services.

"Why, sure I don't mind watching your kids! Oh no, it's no trouble at all! You know what, I'll dress up too. It'll look silly if I'm only one not in costume. And I can take a bag for leftover candy, just in case the kids can't carry it all..."

Most people are too grateful to look twice and realize that you're only in for the sweets, too!

The best part? Getting home and enjoying your goodies. Sit back, relax, watch some horror movies on our directtv packages, and eat all your candy without your parents getting angry - you're an adult now!

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